October 22, 2007

In case you haven’t heard (whoever you are), the entirety of Southern California is on fire.  Before anyone asks, I’m okay.  I even got let out of work early, despite that there was actual work that needed to be done, but them’s the breaks when someone sets the world ablaze.  I’ve always that the gummyment should do something about those annoying Santa Anas.

 So, now I sit at home, broken hearted, as footage of Rancho Bernardo mansions and assorted Fallbrook McMansions, to use a topical term, burn to the ground.  I savior my sweet schadenfraude and worry of the poor rhinos at the Wild Animal Park like a good little misanthrope.

When this gets old, and it will because events aren’t progressing fast enough for the frentic pace of network news, we’ll pop in Excite Truck and race our cares away.


Vaya con Burritos

October 19, 2007

The Immigrant Criminals strike again, but thank the Good White Lord in Heaven that a reader of Gourmet magazine is here call it like it is in a recent letter to the editor.

Or is that Criminal Immigrants? Same difference!

Your attention please.

This is the tracking procedure of an adventure through the Internets.  Adventurous men of science who have made this journey before you are carefully plotting every phase of this incredible journey as we document instances of Science gone awry and gone Right, as we coldly regard the downfall of civilization through our popular culture and our unpopular politicians, and as we generally blather on about nothing and sundry.

We wish you an enlightening experience.  For though your body will shrink, your mind will expand.

This is a Man of Science.